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Agnieszka Piotrowska

Agnieszka Piotrowska (PhD) is an award winning documentary film maker best known for her acclaimed documentary Married to the Eiffel Tower (2008). Recently she has made 4 fiction shorts in Zimbabwe as well as an acclaimed documentary Lovers in Time or How We Didn't Get Arrested in Harare (2015). She also writes books about psychoanalysis and film.  In 2015 Njagu and Piotrowska set up a partnership in Harare, Zimbabwe, called Thinking Films and Escape is their first feature film made through that company.

Joe Nijagu

Joe Njagu is one of Zimbabwe's premiere filmmakers.  He was the recipient of the Nelson Mandela Fellowship for Young African Leaders in the summer of 2016. As a director he made Lobola (2010) and The Gentleman (2011) and has worked extensively on shorts, documentaries and commercials in Zimbabwe. Escape is his first film as the DP.

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